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9/11; A pretext to Attack

And once again it is September 11 yet even though a growing majority of the people all around the world do not believe the official 9/11 story.


The political history is divided into before and after 9/11.For all the things US has done inside the country and in the world,they have used the excuse of 9/11.Their new way of being in the Middle East, their Great Middle East Project and their behavior with the Muslims.The US wanted to start a new millennium after 9/11 but not everything happened as they wished during these 12 years.

Says Vahid Yaminpour, Ph.D.
Political Activist


History doesn’t repeat itself, but it has a rhyme. (Mark Twain)


On February 27,1933 Germany’s Reichstag Building Set on Fire.Hitler used this event as a pretext to pass and enabling a law which essentially nullified Germany’s constitution and give him an unfettered dictatorial power …

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Human Rights; Claims VS Reality

NasrTV :

Those who have killed more than 120 million people during the two World Wars;
Those who have unleashed a bloodbath in Palestine and Egypt;
Those who have suppressed people of Bahrain;

1003559_602284843172827_1306849941_nBlood has risen to the wheel of their tanks in Iraq and Afghanistan;
And now they claim to human rights and democracy in Syria 😥

397075_399738540103414_953876672_n_754_a98c0Check it out:

America’s Military in Peril

Finding Democracy (American Style)


List of countries that bombed by the United States under the pretext of establishing democracy since the end of World War II:
– China 1945-1946
– Korea 1950-1953
– China 1950-1953
– Guatemala 1954
– Indonesia 1958
– Cuba 1959-1960
– Guatemala 1960
– Belgian Congo 1964
– Guatemala 1964
– Dominican Republic 1965-1966
– Peru 1965
– Laos 1964-1973
– Vietnam 1961-1973
– Cambodia 1969-1970
– Guatemala 1967-1969
– Lebanon 1982-1984
– Grenada 1983-1984
– Libya 1986
– El Salvador 1981-1992
– Nicaragua 1981-1990
– Iran 1987-1988
– Libya 1989
– Panama 1989-1990
– Iraq 1991
– Kuwait 1991
– Somalia 1992-1994
– Bosnia 1995
– Iran, 1998
– Sudan, 1998
– Afghanistan, 1998
– Serbia 1999
– Afghanistan, 2001
– Iraq in 2003
– Libya 2011
Here is the question:
How many times was born democracy recognized by these American military interventions?
And this ridiculous story is continued these days by beating the drums of war against Syria.


Funny worth watching video:

A Leaked Conversation between the 3 Musketeers

Who is the real threat?

The US has shut down its embassies in several countries, citing ‘security threats’.

But who is the real threat?

The US embassy

Who uses drones to assassinate people in other countries?

Who wages wars?

Who supports  a terroristic group who KILLs and BEHEADs Christians and Muslims  and EAT the ORGANS of their enemies?

And, which country is the only one that’s used nuclear weapons against another country?

Who did  the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

War criminal

Who occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for ridiculous reason of finding mass murder weapons?

Who spies on other countries’ peoples and governments?

Check this video out: really worth watching:

An Open Message to the NSA

However, this is an experienced truth that:

The more the United States and Israel struggle to tighten the oppressed people of the world knot, the nodes become around their own neck.