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Americans rally against govt. war plans in ME

Demonstrators gathered in the heart of New York City’s Times Square as part of a National Day of Action to call on the government to stop the wars in the Middle East.

“American protesters have taken to the streets of New York to condemn the U-S interference in Syria. The demonstrators called on Washington to step aside and let the Syrian people determine their future.”

Recently the conservative american talk show host, Glenn Beck, had pointed out that there is some thing wrong whith Washington policy when these are the kind of people that the Unites States supports.

 “Glenn Beck” on TheBlaze TV:

“America I am begging you. I am begging you. we have to put an end to it.we have to STOP. when Vladimir Putin is making the case to the american people “Do you want to give guns to the people who are eatting heart and liver out of their enemies?!” It’s a no brainer! We MUST STOP THE PEOPLE in Washington. we’ve got to stop intervening in the wars in middle east.”

Here is the question:

What can the United States and the United Kingdom gain from supporting  a terroristic group who KILLs and BEHEADs christians and muslims  and EAT the ORGANS of their enemies?