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9/11; A pretext to Attack

And once again it is September 11 yet even though a growing majority of the people all around the world do not believe the official 9/11 story.


The political history is divided into before and after 9/11.For all the things US has done inside the country and in the world,they have used the excuse of 9/11.Their new way of being in the Middle East, their Great Middle East Project and their behavior with the Muslims.The US wanted to start a new millennium after 9/11 but not everything happened as they wished during these 12 years.

Says Vahid Yaminpour, Ph.D.
Political Activist


History doesn’t repeat itself, but it has a rhyme. (Mark Twain)


On February 27,1933 Germany’s Reichstag Building Set on Fire.Hitler used this event as a pretext to pass and enabling a law which essentially nullified Germany’s constitution and give him an unfettered dictatorial power …

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The Damocles Sword Doctorine

Syria, Islamic resistance in Palestine and Lebanon all together hang over Israel’s head like the sword of Damocles.
So that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is going to launch military attack on Syria, must know that Israel is held hostage and if they make a wrong move they will get the answer in Israel.

Watch it out:

If They Make a Wrong Move


P.S : If a sword of Damocles hangs over someone, they are in a situation where something bad is likely to happen to them very soon.

This phrase comes from a story about Damocles who had to eat his food with a sword hanging over him which was tied up by a single hair.
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What is the role of Saudi Arabia in the turmoil and chaos?

NasrTV :

In retrospect, the Saudis have supported suppression and violence against brothers and sisters in Islam but have done nothing against Zionists were the biggest obstacles to peace in world.

How comes that the so called keepers of Allah’s house in Mecca are the biggest supporters of terrorism against Muslims?

American Viewpoint of Saudi Arabia King

PressTV :

The Arab world is in chaos. Some 900 people have been killed as violence rages in Egypt. Syria is also embroiled in a bitter war where foreign-backed armed groups are fighting the government. In Bahrain, the ruling family is unleashing a deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters. The situation in Libya is no better. The chaos, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague says, could last “years or maybe decades to play out.”

Saudi Arabia has defended the ouster of Egypt’s democratically-elected president and supported the military there. It’s been actively part taking in the Bahraini regime’s crackdown. In Syria, it’s been supplying money and weapons to insurgents.

What do you think Riyadh’s part in the turmoil and in crushing pro-democracy movements?

Is it trying to tell the people of the Arab nations that democracy means anarchy and turmoil?


Americans rally against govt. war plans in ME

Demonstrators gathered in the heart of New York City’s Times Square as part of a National Day of Action to call on the government to stop the wars in the Middle East.

“American protesters have taken to the streets of New York to condemn the U-S interference in Syria. The demonstrators called on Washington to step aside and let the Syrian people determine their future.”

Recently the conservative american talk show host, Glenn Beck, had pointed out that there is some thing wrong whith Washington policy when these are the kind of people that the Unites States supports.

 “Glenn Beck” on TheBlaze TV:

“America I am begging you. I am begging you. we have to put an end to it.we have to STOP. when Vladimir Putin is making the case to the american people “Do you want to give guns to the people who are eatting heart and liver out of their enemies?!” It’s a no brainer! We MUST STOP THE PEOPLE in Washington. we’ve got to stop intervening in the wars in middle east.”

Here is the question:

What can the United States and the United Kingdom gain from supporting  a terroristic group who KILLs and BEHEADs christians and muslims  and EAT the ORGANS of their enemies?