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What is the role of Saudi Arabia in the turmoil and chaos?

NasrTV :

In retrospect, the Saudis have supported suppression and violence against brothers and sisters in Islam but have done nothing against Zionists were the biggest obstacles to peace in world.

How comes that the so called keepers of Allah’s house in Mecca are the biggest supporters of terrorism against Muslims?

American Viewpoint of Saudi Arabia King

PressTV :

The Arab world is in chaos. Some 900 people have been killed as violence rages in Egypt. Syria is also embroiled in a bitter war where foreign-backed armed groups are fighting the government. In Bahrain, the ruling family is unleashing a deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters. The situation in Libya is no better. The chaos, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague says, could last “years or maybe decades to play out.”

Saudi Arabia has defended the ouster of Egypt’s democratically-elected president and supported the military there. It’s been actively part taking in the Bahraini regime’s crackdown. In Syria, it’s been supplying money and weapons to insurgents.

What do you think Riyadh’s part in the turmoil and in crushing pro-democracy movements?

Is it trying to tell the people of the Arab nations that democracy means anarchy and turmoil?


Myanmar; Forgotten by the world

File photo shows residents sitting on a railway track watching buildings burning around a mosque in Meiktila, central Myanmar.

 residents sitting on a railway track watching buildings burning around a mosque in Myanmar

Officials in Myanmar have lifted a state of emergency imposed in a riot-hit area in March where deadly violence claimed dozens of lives.According to a notice published in the New Light of Myanmar daily on Saturday, the order was revoked “as peace and stability has already been restored” in the central town of Meiktila and surrounding areas.

On March 20, extremist Buddhists attacked dozens of houses and mosques in Meiktila. The state of emergency was declared on March 22.More than 40 people were killed and 12,000 people were displaced during three days of clashes in the town. In 2012, violence against Rohingya Muslims in the western state of Rakhine left about 200 people dead.

Rohingya Muslims have faced torture, neglect, and repression in Myanmar for many years.The extremists,called themselves Buddhists, frequently attack Rohingyas and set fire to their homes. This comes while the Myanmar government has been accused of failing to protect the Muslim minority.

Emergency state lifted in Myanmar; PressTV

Thousand of human beings, thousand of Muslims are being killed and the so called supporters of human rights have kept SILENT.Those who show such concern for animals,those who will create and exaggerate any excuse to attack and discredit those community which are independant of them, They keep silent about the killing of some innocent and defenseless women,men and children. And the justify it!

This is their human rights! The human rights which is far from God.They said these people are not from Myanmar.Even if they are not,ofcourse they lie, it is about three or four thousand years they live there.

Even if they are not from there, Should they be killed? …

The supreme leader of Iran’s speech on Myanmar; NasrTV

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Myanmar People are facing new genocide from June 2012 until nowadays. This nation has converted to Islam since the 7th century,occupied for 3 centuries and suffered genocide for more than 70 years!

these days they are facing:

Forced displacement

Burning land and property

Killing by identity

Genocide of Muslims

Check it out: